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August 24, 2005


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Word on the web is that www.adbrite.com is the way to go.

i'm sure all the people who live in atherton are SO happy that google employees have driven the price of housing up so high that kids who grew up in that town can't afford to live there anymore.

after all, as long as someone is willing to pay the money, it's all good, right?

i guess it's a good thing if you want google to be the only employer left in silicon valley.

don't worry- their monopoly on text ads is quickly drawing to a close. and here's a hint- they have never figured out how to make a DIME from any of their other "beta" products. it's all based on those text ads. every penny.

Talking of AdSense. Check this out:

"Skype has a potential advertising revenue stream with Skype In and Out. This is attractive to Google as their revenue is very ad-based. In the future, Google needs to have new revenue streams to justify its stock price. Skype In and Out present a new revenue stream for them.

At the same time, Google would just love to intermingle Skype and AdSense. It would be great. Every time you click on an ad you get a free minute of long distance. Sounds like a good idea for the home user who wants to talk to his family in India. I can only imagine the number of clicks happening. Ads change as you IM your friends and start talking about the latest movie star gossip. This is completely in line with Google's context sensitive advertising."

AdSense click fraud is so into the minds of the people, that this genius considers it legal. Ohh, my :


It looks like we might have to click to talk on the phone, drive our cars, watch TV or even breath. If Google allows us, of course....

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