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December 02, 2005


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You're right about declining performance. Our two sites used to earn over a dollar a click last year but now earn per-maybe-haps a dime a click at best. My theory is that no one clicks them anymore,, so due to plummeting revenues, goog has had to cut back on the payout to publishers.

I don't think people see the ads anymore. They just filter them out.

Well .. first, i found this by your linking to my vague and foggy philosophizing / proselytizing about *wirearchy*. Thanks.

Secondly, I am greatly interested in your thoughts / analysis of this, because I am a co-founder of Qumana, which together with its web servoce Adgenta, is aiming to create a legitimate alternative to AdSense / Adwords for DIY publishgers (= bloggers, for now). There are a bunch of reasons why offering a solid, legitimate, and more personal-publisher friendly alternative to Google .. but i'd love to learn more of your perspective. I can be reached at my email address.

My own experience contradict everything you just said. I got a new domain indexed in Google in less than 2 months, my AdWords margins are at a high, my AdSense earnings are hanging around their all-time high.

I got into Adwords early on in the Spring of 2003 and joined Adsense in September of that year. So I'm comparing their performance today with their performace before. In my space, all other things being equal, both have gone down hill. I've also noticed that many of the big spenders I had to compete against on adwords are now gone. They packed it in. Maybe they just gave up on Adwords or maybe they went out of business? I don't know but at least overall bids have declined since their departure.

If you're doing well, then I'm happy for you. Enjoy it while it lasts, but don't expect it to go on forever.

"My own experience contradict everything you just said. I got a new domain indexed in Google in less than 2 months"

Just a request for clarification. By indexed do you simply mean that your site shows up when you do a search on its actual name? Or do you mean that it shows up favorably ranked when you do a search on whatever its key search terms are?

My sites also get indexed within a couple of months and show on searches on their names. But it takes a year for them to work their way up Google's SERPs for generic searches on key terms. Not so with Yahoo and the other SEs. There my sites pop up on the first few SERPs even for generic searches.

Nice read, more info to add to my useless knowledge of search engine ranking lol

Interesting article. But I don't think that google adwords and adsense takes more time to get uploaded our keywords on the web. My site got indexed within a very few days and show on searches on their names. Its a very good search tool.

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