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November 25, 2006


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How do you locate these investors that are willing to give a company a chance? We have great opportunities and have our business plan, team and so on in place; however, I still seam to be hitting a brick wall. Can you give us a good advice? I have my team in place as well as great expertise in the field that we are venturing into. Any advice will be greatly appreciated and valued.

Rina Baxter
Baxter Enterprise Investments Inc.

Read this: http://www.antiventurecapital.com/vc_approach.html

There's no fast easy way to find investors. That's why most people end up spending 6 to 18 months on it.

Speaking of scammers who prey on startup entrepreneurs, you should mention Bruce A Berman who offers a "course" called "I got here, you can, too! A Master's Course in Becoming a Millionaire". Bruce Berman is a total scam artist conman.


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