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July 20, 2007


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People should test both options to see what bring in the sales. We stick with just ads on the Google site.

I suspect that a third of our Adwords expenses are due to clickfraud by our competitors. We compete with some nasty bastards.

Every time I read these reports, I go and click on lawyers' adwords ads. Each click costs them 40 bucks and I do about 100 a night.

Google Shareholder,

That's a sweet strategy for driving the stock price up. LOL! We should all do it.

I earned $22.43 from Adsense last month. Is that good? Average? Below average?

Don't forget the $300 you had to spend on Adwords to earn those Adsense revenues.

I have been facing click fraud on the search network. It is really ridiculous.. I am loosing big money.. is there any way to keep track of it apart from analytics

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