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July 25, 2007


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It seems odd that they aren't being paid in the normal way by advertisers...which leads me to suspect that advertisers may have passed on them. Who listens to those shows anyways? I don't.

Just start your OWN podcast complete with SPONSORS you believe in!

If you don't want your own podcast, there are live audio & video stream sites.. Listen to Leo from Leoville.com

Good Luck!


those Enzyte commericals are proof America must be destroyed

the best part is that the entire executive staff of enzyte was arrested for mail and banking fraud last year by the FBI.. you get the free sample and then you credit card gets charged 80 bucks a month with "penis enlargement" listed as the biller. and no matter how much you try, you cant get them to stop charging you each month.

well they had to stop putting "penis enlargement" on the credit card bill, but they still do the re-charge scam.. the company made around 900 million dollars last year alone so they could afford the best lawyers.

btw the biggest other re-charge re-billing scam is "freecreditreport.com" ... they say free 100x in their commercial but you actually get charged 80 bucks a month for a credit monitoring service once you get your "free" report.

they made about 600 million last year.. the feds stepped in and forced them to at least MENTION the credit monitoring service in their commercials, but they do it in a fast whisper that you can barely hear, or in super fine print type you cant read.

once again, they make so much money they can afford to hire the best lawyers. they are the number one advertiser on almost every financial website, and they've been the number one advertiser on CNBC for the last two years.

our entire economy is based on fraud.

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