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August 01, 2007


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LOL! That ratio is pretty much bang-on.


go to webmasterworld.com and read the forums.

most people who've been in the business for years say their income has fallen 90% or more.

the general consensus is that google's growth actually stopped LONG ago, but they've simply increased the amount of money they "keep" in order to make the illusion to wall street that growth is continuing.

they're able to fuck people because adsense is still pretty much a monopoly.. they have 95% of the online text ad market while yahoo and microsoft fight over the remaining 5%..

the problem for google is that they've already cut their payouts to publishers 90% in order to keep the google "growth" scam going, and they can't cut it any more or people will just leave google entirely and the stock will collapse.

btw digg.com dropped google last week. kevin rose was being interviewed on a twit.tv podcast and said google's payments to them had dropped 80% so far in 2007, so they said fuck it and switched to microsoft.

google is *inches* away from blowing up.

That all adds up -- I am surprised there isn't wider coverage or knowledge of declining adsense payouts though if this is happening en masse... 90% declines are pretty damn huge.

The next obvious question is... since they clearly can't go below 0% payouts on adsense, how much of GOOG's revenues are adsense related (vs. adwords) and what is the analyst projection on growth from each for the next few quarters?

If assumptions are baked into analyst forecasts that GOOG can grow faster than it will if and when adsense growth hits the wall, then it finally sounds like time to buy PUTS on GOOG!

But they're actually charging MORE for advertisers buying adwords.

Once again, if they werent a fucking monopoly they couldn't get away with shit like this. but they have literally reached the end of the road- they can't lower the prices paid to publishers anymore because it will literally be zero. google's growth over the last 2 years has been entirely artificial and designed to scam investors on wall street.

Since it was founded, google has made a grand total of 4.2 billion dollars of profit. TOTAL. since day 1.

Since they went public in august of 2003, Google insiders and VCs have sold 19 billion dollars worth of stock.

Google exists for one reason only- to let insiders sell stock and get filthy rich.

Google is an outright scam now.

Too bad Yahoo is such a pathetic competitor.

Goog is going to be ENRON II.

I've been wanting to buy puts on GOOG, but the implied volatilities are so damn high. It would have to fall a lot, quickly, to make any money.

Great thread.

They aren't going down anytime soon Wall street is behind google in this scam 100%. Their "impressive growth" is from shaving all the adsense earnings down and allowing click fraud to continue unabated.

Just about every bastard at google needs to be shot and pissed on.

Whatever happened to the fuckedgoogle.com dude? I enjoyed his reports on google's scamming.

I think laziness killed him. He admitted to being a lazy tard...plus the fact that GOOG just kept hitting new highs all the time must have been discouraging.

I would imagine he got some serious threats from google, and they have the resources to hound him to death.

Google search results are terrible now.

Unless you are searching for something scientific and completely unprofitable the search results have sucked complete ass since the "Florida" algorithm update of 2003.

Search results suck.

Adwords suck.

Adsense sucks.

Will someone please remind me why goog is still numero uno?

"Whatever happened to the fuckedgoogle.com dude? I enjoyed his reports on google's scamming."

I'll take a shot at this.

After three years of whining and bitching about how Google were a bunch of crooks, and promising us that their demise was imminent - during which time GOOG thundered relentlessly upward, and Sergey built a collection of houses, cars, boats and airplanes that would make Jay Leno cry - he probably realized that he was the loser.

He's prolly flipping burgers somewhere.

fuckedgoogle.com dude is actually a gal

I'm not ready to believe that. Going to war with a major corporation such as Google is a male thing. Chicks just don't do that.

The path to success with Adsense isn't by advertising on Adwords to earn money via Adsense from Adwords visitors.

The publishers who are successful with Adsense build sites that are not reliant on Adsense or other forms of advertising for the bulk of their traffic.

By the way, I'm a bit shocked to learn that Google has such low payout rates with Adsense. I personally haven't noticed my eCPMs drop at all, but my overall impressions have. Probably by around the same percentage as others have mentioned.

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