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January 28, 2008


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Without the Internet, Google would have remained a tiny mom and pop operation. You simply can't have scalability with manual searches.

I concur. LOL!

IMHO, Google would not be anywhere near the success it is today without the Internet.

Looks like it was typed in Microsoft Word and run through a copier!

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In one week I am pushing 1,000 hits. You have to get your site out there. There are many link exchange programs. Also many user made sites will be glad to link exchange for free if it is similar in content.

There are so many tools/sites that can help people find your site. My first day I had about 60 hits, then the second 140. Everyday the hits double.

Turning a click into a sale is no easy process. Of course we all need clicks. But what we do with those clicks is more important
he tool I've used with the most success is Glyphius (www.glyphius.com)

Google is slowly taking over the internet with new tools everyday!

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