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January 26, 2008


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1996 called and wants its bogus services back.

Dude, you're insane. But in a good way.

Oh wow, hand submission! And to the search engines no less! Thank god for Wal-Mart.

The timing is very interesting. A site, who has failed to adhere to the rules about crawlable URL's is now ranking in the SERP's on Google. While many other key players are not showing up with similarly poor URL structure. Just a thought.

Walmart will use offshore SEO works and will pay them less the $1 a hour

I remember when I started selling online. At the time, I had only a few competitors in my industry and it was easy to beat them in the SEO game. It took only a few metatags and such, and within weeks, I was dominant.thanks for the post.


Smart post!from now on i will try those tips, very informative thanks for sharing.

Interesting information. New and nice for me to here.
Thanks for sharing and keep posting more like this.

Can you imagine how much these Wall-Mart Grannies will be blushing when doing their "hand searches" because we all know how much certain topics gets searched lol

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