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February 29, 2008


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Thank you very much for sharing this Jay Abraham video.

Kudos Peter for sharing these Jay Abraham videos. Their jam-packed with so much information! Equally importantly they contain an enormous amount of motivational advice to implement the ideas Jay talks about. Jay is one incredible marketing guru! And you Peter are one incredible finance guru!

I just assigned these videos as homework for my staff. We'll be implementing these ideas on Monday.

Thank you for this wonderful gift. I have been a Jay Abraham fan since 1994 and these videos prove once again that he is still the top marketing genius today.

No one else even comes close to Jay Abraham when it comes to marketing for small business. No one. Thank you.

Over the years I have spent some $34,000 with Jay Abraham and it's kicked my revenue up from $300,000 to $4.5 million. If you can afford his materials, go for it.

I'm a big fan of Jay. I've listened to his 2 hour interview with Tony Robbins probably 10-15 times (still learning new things from it).

I have his mastermind series, fymeo, peq and others. Transcribe everything you can find from him. Way too good to pass up.

Where can I find the 2 hour interview between Jay and Tony Robbins? I am attending a Conference in April being organized by the Abraham group to continue developing my marketing skills (I run a small yoga business), and would like to read up on Jay. Thanks for any information.

Chris, try Google video and YT if you haven't already. Beyond that I can't help you.

I have a copy available for listening of Anthony Robbins "Power Talk" with Jay Abraham. It's on "my podcast" page at www.vidsharemedia.com

The Tony Robbins "Power Talk" interview is great.

Jay's materials have been life changing, paradigm changing. I dont subscribe to marketing newsletters anymore or ezines. Just listen to Jay all the time.

I've spent maybe $1,000 on his materials on the secondary market. And have made 100x that, at least. There is no one else in the same league.

thank you very much for this one!

To all Jay Abraham believers.
I have advertising time already bought on a prime New York City radio station and want to trade it for a percentage of the profits you generate from your products.
The products have to be well made, your company impeccable and I will need to approve the ads before they air. If you are interested then contact me at acj@idealjacobs.com.
Andrew Jacobs
Jay, if you are reading this, thanks for everything I have been a fan for years and have tried to contact you.

The link to the additional video's is broken. Does anyone have a good link?

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