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July 16, 2007


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Funny how they went from being a benign little search engine that just returned more relevant results to becoming big brother and a company vastly more evil than Microsoft.

Just wait until you are in court one day and lawyers start bringing up your google search history to use against you.

BTW, just saw a Digg link this morning to an article explaining how GOOG archives all of your searches if you are logged in while conducting them. I never search while logged into my G account.

Why do they permanently archive every single search you do?

Google street view is another scary thing that can spy on who is doing what.

A unique cookie on your machine that never expires so they can identify you and your searching habits?

It's all bad news.


The Robber barons book is one of the best history books I have read in years. I couldn't put it down. Anyone interested in strategy should treat it as a must read.

"Through my work I hear of various projects which will crack open the Google black box."

As an investor is there anyway I could find out more about these? I believe that you can see my email address and will also send you an email.

Google Knows All, Or Close Enough To Raise Concerns
July 16, 2007: 08:05 PM EST

Jul. 16, 2007 (Investor's Business Daily) --

So you read a controversial newsletter, flirt within your social circle, buy stress medication and plan to sue the city -- Google knows.

You don't fiddle with extra privacy settings, so the newsletter's in your Gmail inbox, your messages on Google social site Orkut are logged, Google Checkout has your address and drug order, Google Maps recalls sending directions to the lawyer's office to your mobile phone.

Nothing keeps the world's top search giant from putting all that data on you in one fat dossier, either. It could add what you've searched for, deduced from the Internet protocol address your PC uses. And Google wants to know more. Personalization is key to expansion plans.



Sorry about the bad link above. You will need to graft the two halves in thsi post into your browser address box.

These guys are working on a new Search engine.

Google is good at what they do. So they do it until somebody else comes along who the consumers desire to buy from more for some reason.

We're just waiting for the next college dropout making a computer business out of his garage

It's amazing how Google uses search to make its acquisitions, isn't it?

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