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August 20, 2007


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LOL! I used it for six weeks before dropping it due to the false positives you mention. It still needs a lot of work. True Ventures needs to hold a "come to Jesus" meeting with the Automattic boys.

I am not a secretary. If you looked at our website before linking, you would see that.

We have no record of you in our support system or as an Akismet false positive.

If you ask the blogger to report you as a false positive the system will learn, and feel free to email me the blog URL in question and I can double-check their logs.


Thank for responding! Finally, I get a response. I will email you shortly with further details.

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Looks like Akismet is pissing off even more customers.


It's interesting that Shea is more interested in complaining about the "secretary" label, if in fact that's who you called, than dealing with the issue.

Automattic has a history of poor customer service and lack of follow up. It doesn't surprise me that you had such a poor experience with them. I have a complaint about a couple of their employees from back in June and I'm still waiting for a response.

edsit: As a sidenote, my comment just got caught with a 'invalid url' error due to a typo. (Not enough coffee) Would love to know what you're using to make this check if you could email me. :)

Peter, did Akismet fix the problem for you? You haven't made any further mention of this.

Akismet is dangerous it impedes free speech and causes problems among people thinking that the person does not like them and does not want to approve their comments!
I think bloggers should focus more on non-akismet blogs than on dofollow blogs. A comment seen on a nofollow site is better than blocked on a dofollow site. That’s nothing against this blog. Just akismet. If it was a watchdog it might bite the owner instead of the prowler :)

I’m having problems with Aksiment. It says that it caught 5 comments, but it’s only displaying two. I want to just go and delete those other three but I can’t view them. I’m going to have to disable Akismet, pathetically bad

This is the exact same thing that happened to me. I was commenting on blogs(mostly news blogs) to promote the url attached to this comment and all of a sudden my comment stopped going through. I have already contacted akismet support and I hope they will fix it for me. Otherwise i will stop comment promotion once and for all its big waste of time to see my comment evaporated into thin air after making a legitimate comment.

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