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August 09, 2007


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Sounds interesting but I have a question. Will this require a lot of number crunching and financial statement analysis?

Please review our new app (currently in beta) - constructive feedback please -


We are gearing the app for freelancers and small business accounting / bookkeeping - we pride ourselves in not following quickbook's clumsy steps.

Reading this blog is awesome ... I've spent the last several months coding a few hours a day my start-up dream and now have a fully working demo/alpha product... It's an Internet content mgmt system platform.

I'm in the position where I have a full time consulting job and clients do come first, but I am taking a local VC's business plan course in a few weeks to get my roadmap/plans in a more "official" document format. And then I can send out the link to the demo and a plan.

One of my dreams is to get the company up and then buy some existing companies with great apps but no users. I could fix that problem.

Peter, can you turn me into an honest version Gordon Gekko? I work in IT but my first love has always been finance. My degree is in finance and I could easily get into a top 25 MBA program based on my GPA and GMAT. But honestly, I'm not sure if that's the way to go at 33. I have a friend who runs his own business and wants to expand. We're constantly brainstorming ideas for acquisitions he could do. Will your course be helpful to us Gordon Gekko wannabes?


It's not going to cover financial statement analysis or taxes. There are plenty of other sources of info in this that explain both better and cheaper than I could do it.

Curt, you sound like a candidate for the program.

"Peter, can you turn me into an honest version Gordon Gekko?"


That's the objective here. But we'll start small and work out way up.

Not sure if I qualify by your criteria. My business was started 17 months ago and is growing steadily. I have one employee so far and will add another in September. I'd really like to sign up but not sure if I qualify.


You will never know until you try. Send me an email and lets' talk.

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