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November 16, 2007


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#1 on Reddit when I clicked the link above: "Fying Spaghetti Monster hits the bigtime".

#1 on Digg when I clicked the link above: "Bush receives early holiday gift: copy of Constitution"

You be the judge

Digg is AA (Aspergers Anonymous).

There's a great deal of politics at play on digg which over time becomes very annoying.

I will check out the sites you list.

Thanks for the list! I hadn't heard of the #2 or #3 but am definitely going to check them out. And I agree with you that it's unfortunate that these sites can't really do any quality control. Maybe they'll figure out a way in the future?


I am your regular reader You have nice approach.

Would you please review http://www.Tagza.com - it young and funky new Social Bookmarking web site.


Peter why further promote the Digg site with a huge Digg button? Shouldn't you switch it to summit else?

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