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December 21, 2007


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Why is it sad if a venture capital portfolio company goes under?

I am very sorry to hear about the layoffs etc.

This is why, as difficult as it has been, having a model centered on a social marketplace ... where the members are posting content for sale to mobile consumers, always made more sense to us than a 'eyeballs' play.

That's what our social marketplace MyNuMo.com does, and we did it without VC investment. MyNuMo.com is a social community that provides the tools to enable independent creators to upload and sell their mobile content (ringtones, wallpapers, and videos) from any website. We took the time (over a year) to get the deals to allow for carrier billing and delivery. People expect to buy mobile content and have it charged to their phone bill.

This is part of our vision to be The Social Entertainment Company, which now includes a leadership position in iPhone entertainment.

William Volk

You owe me a royalty for the title of your post.

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