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January 11, 2008


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"So start thinking about who would be likely to say yes to being a limited partner in a casino-resort."

I don't follow. Who would this be?

The benefit in using a Limited Partnership (when it's appropriate) is that it forces you to zero in on predisposed investors. By this I mean that they are predisposed towards investing in your type of deal. This means that you need to do some digging and find out who invests in your type of business. Oftentimes, you can get this information from professional firms which serve as gatekeepers to these people.

For example, in the case of a new casino contact the big CPA and law firms in Las Vegas and ask them if they have clients who would be interested in being limited partners in a new casino.

Most startups employ a shotgun approach to raising capital and go after everyone. Then they go into shock over the seeming lack of interest.The reason that there's no interest is that they are going after the wrong people.

While the Limited Partnership vehicle is only applicable to certain types of situations, it's helpful to use it as a tool to help you identify potential investors. What I am saying is that even if your deal can't use a Limited Partnership, pretend that it can. Then ask your self who would be predisposed to make an investment in our deal and how do we get through to them (i.e., which gatekeepers can introduce us?)

Thank you. That really helped.

I hope you would answer to my question too.
Here is the question- Do we need experience for franchising?

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