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March 11, 2008


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How many dollars of venture capital did the Segway get?

Several hundred millions. Quite possible over half a billion.

For the record, in urban areas you can't ride it legally on the sidewalks, nor can you use it in the street. When I first saw it I thought of it as kind of a baby boomer wheelchair (BB's are getting older and will need such mobility aides soon, but they will insist on something "cooler" than grandma's wheelchair), but I can't think of anyplace it would be practical. The mall, maybe? Walmart? Dunno. I assume it will cost much more than a standard wheelchair.

Does anyone have the list of the cities redesigned to accommodate the Segway?

Does the banning by San Francisco count?

There are a bunch of cities that are probably forever changed by the Segway in that they passed laws forbidding the use of small electrical vehicles such as Segways, electric bicycles, etc from being on the sidewalks.

I remember a quote about how cities would be re-designed around the thing - was anyone anywhere actually expecting something like that to happen?

Heck, they haven't even redesigned cities to handle cars efficiently -- what made anyone think the Segway was going to force changes that tens of millions of drivers couldn't?

another over-priced solution looking for a problem.

hey folks, walking is very very good for you!

better still is a bike - go for it - live longer - have a better sex life bla bla bla etc.

Hi, it be nice if you made your RSS feed longers (i.e. you did not truncate them).

You don't see many Segways in the Midwest. James Brausch would probably not call Segway users a large market.

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