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May 28, 2009


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Three associates and friends have been burned by these sellers. One spent $500 on a list of venture capital firms. Can you believe that? He's otherwise smart a whip with a Masters from MIT.

Great idea. I'm probably a 3 on your list and aim to improve m score.

Thank you for the free list of angel investors on your blog. I am appreciating it very helpful.

im a young man that has a company that has the potential to big really big just need some help getting it to a better stage im taking orders out of my house its called WILL WEAR APPERAL name william boards william_boards@yahoo.com

Hello, i have created a matchmaking service connecting investors with entrepreneurs...
Investors post their lending purpose..
Entrepreneurs post their ideas..
Advisors lend their expertise..
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All Free! the way it should be.....
Visit us & post an ad...good luck....
What's your idea?
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