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June 30, 2010


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Thanks for posting it, absolutely hilarious. The sad part of this video is that it closely reflects some of the crowd round us.
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I'm a software Architech and enjoy my iPhone. This video could represent any technology product line sucessfully marketed. I find painting everyone with the same brush as ignorant. I went through every PDA phone out there before I purchased an iPhone and my assessment is the iphone just has more utility than than the blackberry, Windows Mobile phones, palmOs, etc. Yes like everyone I wish it wasn't tied only to ATT but that's not the reality today. Apple is trying to make complex technologies useable and simple for it's customers. If I go in a store to purchase a phone do I have to justify why I want an iPhone to a young person or anyone? I'm not an apple fanboy because I don't care for the development tool kit and there are other issues. If the customer wants an iPhone how can the store go wrong by selling what he/she wants. If I go on a car lot and want to purchase a pickup and the salesman keeps showing me minivans then it's a sales ignorance not a buyer problem.

Maybe not all iPhone users but the majority are probably like this.

The sad truth is the majority are not buying an iPhone based on an informed decision of their own but only due to popular culture and media hype.

If people go into a store and ask for an iPhone of course they're going to get one, because it's expensive and the store and Apple get to make EASY money.

I know a couple of people who are on their replacement iPhones (One's had 4 and is now of her fith. They other on their 3rd). And they still have problems with freezing software etc. But they won't consider anything else, and all because it's an iPhone. So, what's appealing about it? "It's an iPhone", what functionality does it give that you need? "It's an iPhone"

"There’s a more telling hint. Apple had never before offered an iPhone case or protector of any kind, leaving it to third parties. But now, for the iPhone 4, a first: We have the bumper…at $29, not $2.99. (And which, by the way, prevents the phone from fitting into the new iPhone 4 dock.)

As usual for an Apple product, the new iPhone gets a thorough examination from enterprising early adopters, and many of them discover the antenna gap “feature”. As one wrote Jobs:

It’s kind of a worry. Is it possible this is a design flaw? Regards – Rory Sinclair

Steve’s reply:
Nope. Just don’t hold it that way.


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