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November 19, 2010


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Ha! I worked in the venture capital industry back in the 1990s and that's exactly what it's like dealing with first timers.

LOL, this is so silly but funny and yet true too!


Nice satire. One could make one from the VC point of view and be just as ridiculous.

Its looks very funny... But entertainment post..

The people who need to understand this the most never get it. Never.

Great video. I'm chasing the "3 Fs" right now. :-)

hilarious! Everyone is going to build the next facebook!

Very funny, but it sounds and looks like, should I say "the good Days"

It is very entertaining and knowledgeable as well. Financing is really not that easy as we all think off. It takes a lot of planning and it needs the excellent one to cross over. There are a lot of options to finance a business. Examples are, unsecured loans, secured loans, cash advance loans, receivable financing and investments from other parties. But before getting to it, in some cases you need to be verified thoroughly but there cases or merchants that just lend you money for your capital.

LOL what a good resume of the situation ! I love it

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