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January 23, 2011


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My neighbor down the hall paid for access to an online directory that has the same content as your free one.

Thank you Peter Ireland,

For the Venture Capital, Co List...

and the Constructive Critiqs and Advice...

I am a new Project Funding Consulting, and I have blessed with International Clients in need of several Millions of Dollars in Funding for their Projects...

I take their trust in me and my services very seriously, so what you said in your Blog was deeply appreciated.


Lorri V Davis

Is there anyone out there that would consider investing in a small business for custom metal fabrication and decoration? I am located in nebraska. With my metal and welding skill and my wife's ability to do the office work I think we could have something really great. If interested or if you have a direction for me to go please contact:
Shad streit
1-(308) 380-9390
[email protected]. thank you.

Seeking 2 million Dollars U.S. investment capital for virtual MMOG game development. Game is currently in early stage development/400+ online players currently. Company in U.S. and Cape Verde. Business Plan, additional documentation available upon request. If interested, please contact Timur via email - [email protected]

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