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January 31, 2011


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It can't be that bad, can it? What about all those angel groups across the country? You list them all on your site? Don't they improve the numbers?

Good luck America in reviving the economy if you choke off start ups from capital. It's a disgrace.

If large businesses are sitting on record amounts of cash, using them to bludgeon concessions out of the government ("We'll start hiring just as soon as you cut taxes and regulations!") then why wouldn't Angels use the same strategy on startups? From what I've seen, Angels now only want to enter the game once you are not only post-revenue, but profitable, need working capital to support your rapid growth and have a fist full of P.O.'s in hand. In other words, they want the entrepreneur to take all the risk, and once the risk is gone provide working capital support at Angel returns.

Yes, it's a disgrace.

I don't think Angel Soft has good numbers. A company I was with last year was in the AngelSoft system, was financed, not through AngelSoft and it is highly unlikely they are aware it was financed.

The number last year were very steep against getting funded (particularly last year), but not that bad.

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